Massage Treatments

Scalp Massage

Improves clarity of thought, lifts and calms your mind. Relaxing and stimulating ancient massage techniques are used all over the entire surface of the head and upper neck aiding the release of built up tension (physical, mental and emotional).
30 min //  $66.00

Body Massage

Soothe muscles, relieve tension and fatigue.
Incorporates a variety of massage and balancing techniques to provide you with a customised massage experience.
Restoring balance and vitality into your life.
30 min //  $69.00
60 min //  $125.00
90 min //  $170.00 includes Scalp Massage

Hot Stone Massage - for something truly special.

Mind and Body Balancing.
The incorporation of heated and cooled Basalt / Marble Stones used as extensions of our hands during customised massage techniques, the body kept warm with placement stones brings you a deep level of relaxation and calmness.
60 min //  $130.00
90 min //  $180.00 includes Scalp Massage