Relaxation & Luxury Facials

Deep Cleanse & Skin Analysis Treatment 

Includes: skin analysis, cleanse, deep exfoliation, steam and treatment moisturiser.
$76.00 // 30min

Back Facial

Removes impurities leaving your skin deep cleansed, toned, balanced and smooth.
$76.00 // 30min

Little Luxury Facial 

Targeting your skin concerns, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.
Includes: double cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, treatment mask, treatment serum, face and eye moisturising.
$108.00 // 45min

Mindfulness Facial - Ginger and Me

Focusing on anti aging and skin health our Neurocosmedics Mindfulness Facial incorporated with a guided mindfulness session, is designed for every individuals skin condition and ensures a peaceful state of mind, a grateful heart and a feeling of “being enough".
A truly unforgettable experience.
$152.00 // 60min

Treatment Enhancers - Add onto any facial

Alginate Mask $29.00
Chill Globe Massage $19.00
Eye Mask $29.00
LED Treatment $46.00
Radiance Enzyme Peel $40.00
Youth Activating Peel $40.00