Relaxation & Luxury Facials

Deep Cleanse & Skin Analysis Treatment 

Includes: skin analysis, cleanse, deep exfoliation, steam and treatment moisturiser.
$70.00 // 30min

Back Facial

Removes impurities leaving your skin deep cleansed, toned, balanced and smooth.
$70.00 // 30min

Little Luxury Facial 

Targeting your skin concerns, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.
Includes: double cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, treatment mask, treatment serum, face and eye moisturising.
$100.00 // 45min

Add on Peel

Radiance Enzyme or Youth Activating Peel
$35.00 // 15min

Mindfulness Facial - Ginger and Me

Focusing on anti aging and skin health our Neurocosmedics Mindfulness Facial incorporated with a guided mindfulness session, is designed for every individuals skin condition and ensures a peaceful state of mind, a grateful heart and a feeling of “being enough".
A truly unforgettable experience.
$140.00 // 60min

LED Facial

Restore beauty, energy and health by harnessing the healing power of light. 
Penetrating and soothing LED lights rejuvenate and stimulate your skins healing process, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving uneven skin tone, targeting active acne and illuminating the skin leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

Targeting your skin concerns, our LED Facial combines a relaxing treatment focused facial with LED Treatment.

Our LED Facial is suitable for all types of skin: beneficial for dehydrated and lack lustre skin, fine lines and wrinkles, can increase collagen production, complexion and texture, acne prone skin and acne scarring, skin pigmentation, rosacea, redness and flushing, inflammatory conditions, induce faster healing and relaxation, well being and mood lifting, helping to relieve the stress and strains of everyday life or just the ultimate pamper session.
$150.00 // 60min

Hydrating Facial

Combining the power of Microdermabrasion – Flower Peel and Oxy Drench Treatment, your skin will be nourished and reinvigorated.

Promoting renewal and healing through skin exfoliation and infusing oxygen together with liquid minerals deep into the tissues to remineralise and stimulate your skin, targeting hydration and skin health,  reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,  providing hydration to dry, flaky skin, revealing  youthful, vibrant hydrated skin,  return it to its naturally glowing state.

Safe, Chemical Free, Natural Organic, Free of Harsh Salts, Non Scratching.
Suitable for all skin types
$175.00 // 60min