Anti Aging Facial Treatments

O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Peels 

A treatment for all types of skin.

Enzymes and acids digest away clogging and impurities in the skin, using a specific blend of high-end Active Vitamins, Peptides and Antioxidants that can retain and regain normal skin function and cell optimisation, which in turn delivers intense skin changing, resulting in skin youth, health and radiance.

All Peel Services include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, Alginate peel-off mask, treatment serum and cream.
With zero downtime, leaving your skin calm so you can continue on with your daily activities.
Our Beauty Therapist will choose and customise each peel to your specific needs.

- Pomegranate Enzyme Peel - Great for the most sensitive skins to renew and boost hydration.
- Pumpkin Enzyme Peel - A gentle yet effective Enzyme Peel for all skins, especially for sun damage and age correction.  
$148.00 // 60min (includes consult time)

- Alpha Betta Peel - Rejuvenating your skin, reducing fine lines and uneven pigmentation, improves skin smoothness, clarity and radiance.
- Bio-White Peptide Peel - Hi-Strength Vitamin C and Peptide Peel, especially for pigmented, uneven skin tone, dull and devitalised skins.
- Catalyst Retinol Peel - Improves appearance of UV damage, decreases the depth of lines and wrinkles, refines and resurface the skin, evens the tone and provides potent anti-inflammatory activity in the treatment of acne.
- Oxygenating Enzyme Peel -  An instant pick me up to awaken, renew, hydrate, plump and smooth even the most tired of skin.
$168.00 // 60min (includes consult time)

Microdermabrasion - Flower Peel
Chemical Free, Free of Harsh Salts, Natural Organic, Non Scratching, Safe.

An extraordinary alternative for clients seeking a natural approach to Microdermabrasion.

The Diamond Flower Peel system offers a gentle polishing exfoliation, while still delivering the great results and micro-massage skin rejuvenation you want and expect from Microdermabrasion.

This unique system is specially engineered to deliver an exciting, new proprietary blend of Organic Flower Peel grains to the skin in order to slough off dead cells and increase benefits such as collagen rejuvenation, nourishing blood stimulation and smooth skin surface renewal leaving your skin smooth and fresh.
Followed by a second Diamond Wand Peel with hydrating and rejuvenating serum infusions to rehydrate and treat, while promoting new skin and collagen growth with maximum rejuvenation.

The Diamond Flower Peel is fast, gentle, comfortable, leaves little or no redness and results are seen immediately.
$114.00 // 45min
Treatment Enhancer - add onto your microdermabrasion treatment.
Oxy Drench
Infuses oxygen together with liquid minerals deep into the tissues to remineralise and stimulate your skin, leaving every cell feeling refreshed hydrated and completely nourished.    
LED Treatment