Body Treatments

Ear Candling

This ancient practice used in Indian Culture, is designed to aid in the relief of sinus congestion and wax build-up in the ear canal.
Calming the mind, soothing the head and ears.
$75.00 // 30min

Back Facial

Removes impurities leaving your skin deep cleansed, toned, balanced and smooth.
$76.00 // 30min

Body Exfoliation

1.Sugar Scrub (for all skin types).
2.Salt Exfoliation (for those who like a firmer service).
Treat your whole body to a full body exfoliation, removing your outermost layer of dead skin cells, followed by a body oliation, nourishing your skin and leaving you softer and smoother.
$150.00 // 60min

Body Wrap

Superior hydration and radiance over the whole body.
Begin your journey with a Sugar Scrub, then enjoy the peppermint scent of a fresh Green Clay detox body mask to gently draw toxins, hydrate and improve skin tones and texture.
Your journey will be completed with a head to toe infusion of nourishing oils.
$184.00 // 75min